The idea for Eternity came to me when I was at a writer’s conference with my mom in Nashville Tennessee, Killer Nashville specifically. Eternity is sort of a dark story and I was inspired by all the thrillers and crime books I was learning about there. I’ve always loved tragedy’s and stories that make you feel something. Jessie is kind of a jerk in the beginning, but as we follow him through the story you get to watch him grow as a character to become not so selfish as he learns how to love another person and overcome his addictions and selfish habits.


Jessie being an addict was not my original idea for the book. My initial plot was actually much different, but as I started writing the characters sort of took over for themselves, but I think that’s always the best when a story grows in its own … [Read More ...]

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Mobster By Lily Harlem


Thank you for hosting my bad boy Roper Hermanus today. He’s quite a handful in and out of the bedroom. His business ventures and kinks are a big ask for your average woman but luckily, despite her youth and inexperience, Beth’s upbringing in the underworld means she’s up to the task. I hope you’ll check out their sexy story and travel with them on a wild journey of suspense and desire.


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When the shit hits the fan, Beth Rammada has no choice but to get the hell out of Chicago. Her family are sinking fast and she’s at risk of being used as bait to hurt her father.


But living on the streets of New York is no walk in the park, until that is, she’s taken under … [Read More ...]

#Spotlight: Mobster: Romantic Suspense by Lily Harlem #mf @lily_harlem

In a city where nothing is unexpected, one meeting changes their lives forever.


A Shifter, A Vampire, and a Fae Walk Into A Bar

Humor has always found its way into my books, but with the series Rab Renroc, my characters didn’t seem to want to take themselves seriously. And the series name is right where that starts. You’re probably wondering what Rab Renroc is, right?




Everyone knows their corner bar. It’s where everyone meets. Well, at Rab Renroc things happen a bit strangely. Maybe it’s the intuitive barkeep who instinctively knows when a customer’s other-half is nearby and is known for shooting arrows when they least expect it. Maybe it’s the fact it’s frequented by the paranormal set. Maybe it’s the fact humans stumble into the bar never having seen it before and yet it’s there when they most need it. Or maybe it’s just the … [Read More ...]

#Spotlight: A Shifter, A Vampire, And A Fae Walk Into A Bar by Thianna D #mf #teaser @the_weremouse

The GatheringThe world as we know it is gone.

There are no more countries, states, or cities. No more traditional government… only survivors who have created a new world made up of small colonies.It has been thirteen years since the last World War and the village of Lia Fail sits peacefully above the Hollywood Reservoir in the Santa Monica Mountains. The settlement is making ready to host the fall Gathering. A time to remember the past as well as discover new loves, old friends, family, and fun, but just as the festivities begin, the people in Lia Fail begin to experience strange goings on they can’t explain. Unseen forces attack several guests and friends begin to distrust friends. When they receive news of a horrific massacre, they realize they must face an impending dark evil that threatens to destroy the tranquil village. 
Alia Stark, the queen of Lia Fail, must … [Read More ...]

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Captive Heart

A vengeful emperor conquered her country…now he’s after her heart.Julissa has only known life as a sheltered princess in Sebboy’s opulent but restrictive society, ruled over by strict parents and the righteous Prophets of her god. She is all but destined to a marriage of alliance until her brother kidnaps a foreign princess as his bride, and Julissa’s country becomes the target of the girl’s vengeful brother. Gaspar Leonnte may have a big nose and be the subject of ridicule at Julissa’s family table, but he doesn’t have any trouble conquering Sebboy.

While fleeing the city, Julissa falls into Gaspar’s hands and everything she ever knew changes. When a misunderstanding brings Julissa to his bed, the victorious emperor sees no reason not to enjoy his pretty captive for the night. Julissa should refuse him and honor her duty to her family and Prophet, but how can she fight the

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They came to enjoy a kink fair. They never expected to find one another.


Ye Olde Kinke Faire

I’ve always enjoyed TV shows and books about community. Where there are quirky characters and fun situations that carry over from show to show or book to book. When I created the Corbin’s Bend series, that was my focus. It’s been a couple years since I’d worked on a community series and a new one came to me – what about a community that was built upon the full BDSM spectrum AND was involved in a renaissance fair? Of course, the fact that the fair would be kinky soon followed.


And thus – Elan Isle was born. Each novel in the series will follow a new couple, but familiar characters from other books will pop up from time to time. I hope to follow along with the way I’ve set the … [Read More ...]

#Spotlight: Ye Olde Kinke Faire (Elan Isle #1) by Thianna D. #mf #teaser @the_weremouse

On the outskirts of small French village lives Keitha Dubois, a beautiful young healer whose small cottage lies under the largest oak of the forest. Her quiet solitary life is filled with caring for the sick, and the everyday work of the age, with the occasional visits of good friends.

But this life is about to change.

The Huntsman. The Constable. The Stranger.

All vying for her love. Yet, who will she choose?

For one wants to possess her, one to protect her and one to love her forever.

Between passion, devotion, and obsession, the crusade to win her heart begins with The Oak.



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#Spotlight: The Oak by S.L. Dearing

Power, passion, and politics collide in an Elemental World that is ruled by the ancients.

In Victorian-era Dublin, Josephine Shaw spends long nights filling the pages of her Gothic stories with the fantastic and the macabre, unaware that the suitor her father has arranged is one of the dark creatures she’s always dreamed. For Tom Dargin, courting an ailing spinster was only one duty in a long life of service to his sire. But after he meets the curious Miss Shaw, will Tom become the seducer or the seduced? Can a love fated to end in tragedy survive a looming grave?

A VERY PROPER MONSTER is an Elemental World historical novella originally published in the Beneath a Waning Moon gothic duology. This special stand-alone edition contains a bonus short story, Night in the Waking City.

Tom and Josie travel to New York City to meet with allies and publishers, but … [Read More ...]

A Very Proper Monster: An Elemental World Novella by Elizabeth Hunter #mf #review @EHunterWrites

My parents were conmen and I was their tool. I learned how to cheat, connive, and charm my way out of any circumstance. But now I’m respectable…kind of. Yeah, my life is still a lie, but that’s because I have no choice. My best friend, who’s also my boss, needs me to lie to keep our billion-dollar charity going. It’s complicated.

But all the lies are about to end. I just have to finish one final task…taking over a brewery. Easy, right?

Not so much. Because that brewery is part of a custody battle between mother and daughter. The mother owns it. The daughter thinks it should be hers. I’m caught in the middle. Not normally a bad place to be when it comes to two feisty women.

But I’m falling for the daughter and when my lies come to light, everything is going to unravel. And then my future … [Read More ...]

Deliciously Smooth (Naked Brews #1) by KB Jacobs #mf #review @KBJacobsAuthor

Stevie just caught her boyfriend cheating, so without a second thought, she packed her suitcase and tossed it in the back of her cab. Unsure of where to go next, everything changes when sexy billionaire Rex steps into her cab.

Rex senses a powerful connection the instant he sets eyes on the beautiful but guarded cabdriver. Both at their loneliest points, Stevie and Rex succumb to a moment of passion that leads to a proposition: Rex will pay Stevie a hefty fee if she accompanies him to a business getaway as his escort. It’s up to Stevie if she’d like to share his bed while they’re away. But once she’s had a taste of pleasure at the gorgeous billionaire’s hands, will she ever be able to walk away?addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14Kim Talks TomesTAG

A female cab driver with a cheating boyfriend, a billionaire fare, a proposition, and lots and lots of sex! That about sums … [Read More ...]

A Fare to Remember by Opal Carew #mf #review @opalcarew @SMPRomance


When I told him to go to hell, I never realized it would be a trip for two.

All I wanted was luck—the good kind. I’d lost my job, a jerk hacked my bank account, and I caught my best friend screwing my fiancé. When stood up by my Internet date in a bar, I met the perfect man—tall, dark, and handsome in the most expensive suit. He was out of my league, but I didn’t want forever.

I barely remember the words he whispered under the veil of sin and seduction. I didn’t believe in Satan, God, Heaven or Hell. I thought he was kidding. A figment. A dream.

I was wrong. With one, breathless yes, my fate was sealed.

Businessman by day, demon by night, Leo Weston now owns my soul in exchange for good luck. Time is ticking as he works to secure my mother’s soul, too. … [Read More ...]

Twisted Luck by Mia Downing #mf #review @miadowning007

While on holiday in Toronto, Evie Whitmore planned to sightsee and meet other asexuals, not audition for a dance competition. Now she’s representing Toronto’s newest queer dance studio, despite never having danced before. Not only does she have to spend hours learning her routine, she has to do it with one of the grumpiest men she’s ever met. Tyler turns out to be more than a dedicated dancer, though—he might be the kind of man who can sweep her off her feet, literally and figuratively.

Tyler Davis has spent the last year recovering from an emotionally abusive relationship. So he doesn’t need to be pushed into a rushed routine for a dumb competition. Ticking major representation boxes for being trans and biracial isn’t why he went into dance. But Evie turns out to be a dream student. In fact, she helps him remember just how good partnering can be, in … [Read More ...]

Finding Your Feet (Toronto Connections #2) by Cass Lennox #trans #asexual #review @CassLennox @RiptideBooks

Armie Croft has just lost the last of his vision, something that proves problematic as he bangs his head against the side of the JCA public pool. Luckily, Leighanne Misra, the nighttime lifeguard, jumps in to rescue him, followed by Mitch Karmi, who is in a suit and has no training when it comes to performing CPR. Soon after laughing at Mitch’s soaking wet clothes, and double checking to make sure Armie is alive and well, a steamy connection is forged between the three acquaintances.

Mitch wants to hide their ménage from the public, much to Armie and Leighanne’s dismay, but he negotiates and asks they at least have the week leading to the first night of Hanukkah to themselves. The three lovers are stronger together but sometimes you never truly appreciate what you have until you’ve lost it.

Publisher’s Note: Feast of Love is the third and final installment … [Read More ...]

Feast of Love (Croft Holidays #3) by Ceri Grenelle #mm #mmf #mf #review @CeriGAuthor @loveunleashed

All that remains are whispers of the past…

When multiple body parts are recovered from the Little Ogeechee River in Savannah, Georgia, local law enforcement calls in FBI agent and profiler Brandon Fisher and his team to investigate. But with the remains pointing to three separate victims, this isn’t proving to be an open-and-shut case.

With no quick means of identifying the deceased, building a profile of this serial killer is more challenging than usual. How are these targets being selected? Why are their limbs being severed and their bodies mutilated? And what is it about them that is triggering this person to murder?

The questions compound as the body count continues to rise, and when a torso painted blue and missing its heart is found, the case takes an even darker turn. But this is only the beginning, and these new leads draw the FBI into a creepy psychological … [Read More ...]

Remnants (Brandon Fisher FBI Series #6) by Carolyn Arnold #mf #review @Carolyn_Arnold

One touch of Spectra’s fingers leaves the predator Bay craving more.

Spectra is a Balance; a descedent of angels whose soul has been intertwined with that of sorcerer Alexander, although her heart belongs to Mercury, the son of an archangel.
Bay is a predator de Sang and sorcerer, who runs his own private security company, fighting the purist organization Essence. Seeking out Spectra for her special abilities the last thing he expected to find was a Balance strong enough to withstand his potent energy. With her heart and soul already claimed, could there be room for another in her life?

When Bay’s infatuations bring Spectra to the attention of Essence and put her life at risk, he must learn that sometimes sacrificing the ones you love is the only way to save them.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da14Kim Talks TomesTAG

Spectra has dealt with a lot in life. She’s tough, strong, and she’s also more than human. … [Read More ...]

Spectra by Ebony Olson #mf #review @Ebony_Olson