My Vigorelle Review

Vigorelle is a sexual enhancer designed to develop frequency of sexual urges and improve levels of satisfaction from a sexual encounter in women. I got an opportunity of reviewing the product as I took it up from the store last month. These kind of water based products have been quite popular in the adult industry for a long time. We often face sexual complications with low sex drive being of the main issues. There are many reasons that lead up to that, some of which can be exhaustion, prior medical conditions and finally mental disorders. Low sex drive means unsatisfied partners and more stress which is not something that you should entertain in life. All these factors contribute to the huge popularity these products enjoy in the market. Let us now move into reviewing the product without wasting any more time.

Vigorelle is a water based cream which can be compared to a lubricant. The company claims that the cream increases libido and enhances sexual experiences. It works by pumping blood into the female sexual organ, increasing the sexual satisfaction. The company even claims that the cream can help in having strong orgasms and even multiple ones at times.

Claims :

I’ll list all the promises made by the company for convenience :

  1. Frequent sexual urges

  2. Improvement in sexual satisfaction

  3. Long and better sexual encounters

  4. Prevents vaginal dryness

My Experience with Vigorelle :

When i took up the product last month there were certain things i had in mind in terms of what i wanted the product to do. Due to excess stress in my work life and exhaustion in my personal life I had lost a lot of my sex drive. This resulted in more built up stress and i was looking for a product to enhance my libido. In that regard i must say that Vigorelle has really let me down. After having used it regularly for a month i can say with confidence that the benefits that i received from Vigorelle were very minimum, if any at all. After using it for a few times I felt addicted to the rush it produced. This continuous need for the Vigorelle intensified my problem of low sex drive.

Vigorelle is more of a lubricant that functions as a viagra by pumping blood into the woman’s sexual organs. When applied, vigorelle, causes a tingling sensation which is intensified in case of any sexual activity. The product even causes a light headed sensation after application. It is easy to get addicted to this sensation, but after a while normal sex seems very tasteless. Thus in my opinion Vigorelle destroys sex drive instead of building it.

Apart from the it’s ineffectiveness and addictive nature Vigorelle does not suit all types of skin. The cream can produce a complete negative reaction when used by someone with sensitive skin. You should definitely make make sure that Vigorelle suits you before purchasing it.

To be honest Vigorelle sticks to it’s promise of making sexual encounters more satisfactory and enjoyable but it is too less for a heavy price Let us use this oppurtunity to check out the factors that i did not like about Vigorelle.

Cons :

  • Addictive

  • Useless in regards to increasing the frequency of sexual urges

  • Does not suit all types of skin

Conclusion :

To conclude i must say that i was not completely satisfied with the product as it did not deliver on it’s promises. While Vigorelle can be used as a lubricant you should make sure that you are not using it frequently. As far as i am concerned i won’t be buying this product in the near future. If you want to check it out for yourself, feel free to do so but i would encourage you to read some read some more reviews before doing so.

Finally as far as rating goes, i would give Vigorelle a two out of five stars.